Rock out in the kitchen and hook your family up with quick and easy veggie packed meals that taste de-lish!

Good food doesn't have to be stressful!

I’m Shauna, of Rockin Moms Kitchen, and I’m here to get you excited about cooking. Yes, for realz.

If you’re constantly stressin’ “What’s for dinner” and think mealtime is a constant chore, we’re gonna have you singing and dancing and bangin’ out delish meals in under 10 minutes a day. No stress, more fun and the result? Dinner’s on the table fast.

Come look around and see what we’ve created for you.

We hope to build your confidence in the kitchen, put less stress on your plate, more veggie-packed meals on the table for you so you have more time for the FUN stuff.

I want to change what people eat and what’s on their plates.
Bangin' out bomb-a*s, stress-free meals
that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy.
Inspiring kitchens with crazy fun veggie-packed recipes for the whole family

I want to change what people are putting on their dinner tables.

A Starbucks junkie and Stove Top stuffing freak turned farmers market advocate and veggie queen – I’m here to rock your world with my veggie skillz and shake up your family’s meals. Knocking out mealtime with quick and easy recipes that pack a major nutritional punch. All while rockin’ out and having fun!

Take a stand for health and say yes to good fun food!
I’m starting a Veggie Revolution in the kitchen and yours is first! Hungry for more?
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